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More Features Should Have a Point

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Over time, as you play a game into the ground, like many of us do, you begin to learn which things matter and which don't.

Take training camp.

When you first get EHM, something like Training Camp seems so awesome. You get to call up your prospects, see how they do in games. Your coach gives you his assessment of them....

You can keep some of the kids up.

But after you've played the game and understand how to assess players, things like training camp don't matter. Because before you even make your invites (if you even bother), you know which players are pretty good, and which player aren't.

So, as a grizzled veteran, my plea is, make training camp matter. make it a place where prospects can advance toward their potential...or something...something that matters.

Another example of this is he draft.

Besides a layout which limits you to seeing 10 players, the draft has problematic features.

It's nice that your scouts/AGM/coach give their recommendations....But their recommendations are bogus.

Why would my chief scout recommend a 2 star player when he's got 3 star players available?

Because the recommendations appear limit to a choice between the top 10 players remaining in ISS.

If your scout is going to recommend someone, it should be his highest rated player available

Finally, I've played 1 "coached" game. it was way too long and I don't foresee playing another one. too much time is wasted on frivolous things.

I don't want to watch skaters skate to and from the bench during whistles.

It might seem realistic to watch 10 circles float to the top of the screen. it adds minutes to a long sim without adding value or anything meaningful.

EA is a great game, loaded with features.

But it might be worthing going through each feature and asking "What does it really do?" Is it necessary? Is there a way to make it more meaningful?

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1. NHL rosters are already decided before training camp. Camp is for looking for players that can potentially make the team playing on the 3-4 lines and giving your players that will play in the minors some NHL experience. Training camp is more for filling out your AHL team of players that can be called up due to injuries (unfortunately this doesn't matter because injuries are not up to NHL/Hockey standards and are on the low side of things), deciding if your drafted propect is ready to move on the the AHL/ECHL or should he spend another year abroad or in junior hockey. Besides player already do improve at camp.

2. Highest rated player should'nt always be recommend because things like organization depth should be considered. Why draft another goalie propect when you already have a ton of them?

3. You don't have to watch an entire game, use extended or key highlights.

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I use training camp to look at the fringe players and guys who might make my 3rd or 4th line.

Would love for a live draft at the NHL and Junior levels. Something like fantasy baseball (if you ever done a live draft you will understand).

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