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EHM early access vs EHM2007?

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Hi, Can a developer or someone tell me if there is any official posting about what is currently different in EA version over old 2007.

Here are a few things I noticed that are different (someone can tell me if it’s true):

I noticed the game is faster (at least I think it is) I played EHM2007 a few months ago on the same computer and I swear its faster siming, and saving is faster as well.

The young players (draft eligible) and other minor league player’s stats have been reduced as to what it used to be in EHM2007 of draft players.

Anything else?

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Here's the changelist:

Changelist since EHM 2007:



- All new database format that will offer better support for customisation in the future

- Ability to import EHM 2007 format databases to start new games

- Support for historical databases (historical 2006 database provided)

- Support for rookie goals/assists/points records in record config

- League structures moved into the database for better future customisation

- New db driven transfer rules, including waiver rules, free agency rules and sliding entry level contracts and much more

- New attribute modelling with support for player role types

- New player and non-player progression modelling



- Separate host nations for different stages of a competition (World Championships Div 1 groups)

- Host cities for tournaments

- Tournament host announcement news

- Tracking of match penalties separate from game misconducts based on the severity of the offense

- Improved league selection options with the ability to select leagues down to wanted level or individual independent leagues where possible

- More detailed league rules information on league screen

- Support for new all-star game format with team captains picking the two teams

- Improved national team selections

Network Game


Shortlisting and Scouting


- Made fringe veteran players less likely to move to other continents for a minor role

- Adjusted team shortlisting to improve roster building AI

- Optimized team shortlisting for faster processing

Trades and Transfers


- Misc. trade AI adjustments

- Adjusted evaluation of injured players in trades

- Adjusted evaluation of draft picks in trades

- When signing a player who was already on trial, it is considered a new signing in the notes and not an extension

- AI GM's now have a patience rating in trades when human is setting up a trade offer and will not give dynamic feedback endlessly on proposals



- New skin

- Improved UI layout with new player and non-player profile screens etc.

- Integrated tutorial system for key screens in the game

- New nation information screen with links to top leagues, clubs and players

- Added "Highlights" button to the results screen to quickly view all the goals of a game

- Tweaked viewing of highlights so that the viewer jumps to next highlight quicker rather than showing the following faceoff

- Added option to export player stats from any comp in csv format (regular season and playoff stats)

- Split other GM feedback in trade screen to be separate from human's assistant manager info

- Other GM feedback in trade screen now needs to be requested separately one a suggested trade is setup

- Added a "scout recommendations" view on the scout's player list panel to show current and future star ratings

- Option to hide all attribute values for added challenge

- Injury information added to scout reports

- Show Boxscores screen to control which daily boxscores to display

- Roster and starting lineup average height/weight listed in team stats

- New zoomed-in 2D view for playing/viewing games

- Showing relevant professional rights depending on the league where the user is managing

- Support for EHM 2007 format custom player pics, logos, flags, background images, sounds etc.

In-Game Engine


In-Game Engine v49 to v64


- Added different kinds of deflections

- Improved general goalie AI

- Improved general skater AI

- Improved collision checking

- Added support for hybrid icings, icing related linechange rules, 3-on-3 overtime

- Improved AI for one-timers

- Improved AI for passing

- Improved pathfinding

- Improved modelling of collisions between players

- Improved puck physics with rolling/bouncing pucks

- Improved AI for officials when giving out penalties

In-Game Engine v48


- Only technical changes to track version number

In-Game Engine v47


- Adjusted ice friction coefficient

- Adjusted player reach

- Adjusted goal celebrations

- Adjusted player to player collision checking

- Adjusted goalie ability to make saves

- Adjusted skater pathfinding

- Adjusted skater ability to make sharp turns

- Adjusted player awareness of the play

- Adjusted shot targeting

- Adjusted pass targeting

- Adjusted defensive AI of players for gap control

- Added some additional goal celebrations after initial reaction

- General skater AI tweaks

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Here's the changelist:

Changelist since EHM 2007:

Thanks for the reply, I didn’t see a response to the speed of the game, unless I misread.

So the game is faster, in terms of simulating between matches, right compared to EHM2007? I am not just thinking that? If it is I think that’s a big thing you should add on the very front on the Steam store page, it’s certainly a big thing for me, faster simulation makes the game more enjoyable.

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