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Continental Leagues on Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/browse/?appid=295270&searchtext=continental+leagues+of+5&childpublishedfileid=0&browsesort=textsearch&section=readytouseitems

Continental Leagues via OneDrive - https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=dc3b236bc8ec56b8&id=DC3B236BC8EC56B8%21151

The Continental Leagues adds Leagues and Cups in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe. Plus, there is a new World Champions League (Top eight teams - 2 from each continent - in a league system) and Intercontinental Cup (32 teams from the top divisions of the continental leagues in a group stage then knockout tournament) for teams to take part in. All leagues consist of 16 teams in each division, with regional divisions as you go down the pyramid. Each continent has its own slightly different rules but reputations of the top leagues and prize money are similar to allow for some equality in the game, to stop teams building up debts, and to allow African and Asia Pacific teams to start attracting top players over time and competing for the major FIFA club trophies. You need to play with all 5 databases over the default 5.0.0 database if you want the new FIFA world tournaments. Please ignore the error message when you set up the game regarding fixture rules, just press OK and proceed as the game does still work.

Teams in each division are based on a combination of League co-efficients, maximum number of teams from any one country in each division, and the club rankings on footballdatabase.com as of August 31st 2014. I included the winners of each top division from last season of over 150 countries worldwide, but they may not necessarily be in higher divisions than other clubs from their division based on their ranking points on footballdatabase.com, e.g. Atletico Madrid are in the 2nd tier of European League, whilst Real Madrid and Barcelona start in the top tier. The zip file in OneDrive include screenshots of all the different divisions and cups created and the teams involved.

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Continental leagues for 15.3.0 database now available at the same onedrive address above. I have also fixed an issue, which was causing lower division matches to clash with international fixtures.

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it's a verry nice idea but i still cannot understand why did u put APOEL or Plzen in first league and from Romania you add ACS Poli from Second division and you let out Dinamo Bucharest from First division...

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