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(9.6/10) Review of Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access "Well worth the eight year wait"

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Author: archibalduk of EHM The Blue Line

More than eight years after the Eastside Hockey Manager series was put on indefinite hold, the undisputed king of ice hockey management is back. A lot has changed since EHM 2007 was released in September 2006; not least the rise of the likes of Steam and social media. These platforms make niche games cheaper to launch and easier to market. Indeed, Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access (or EHM:EA for short) is being released exclusively on Steam and is likely to be heavily marketed using platforms such as Twitter and hockey forums such as The Blue Line and HFBoards. Against this background maybe, just maybe, the game will become a more viable project than it was before.

This new iteration is being released as an Early Access game. The game will be continuously developed over the coming months with regular updates being pushed to users via Steam. To call it a beta version would be grossly unfair and inaccurate. The game is highly polished. It’s simply that the game will be developed whilst we play. The thinking behind this approach is to test the waters. If the game generates enough sales then it will return as an annual release. If not, then it won’t.


To read the full review see here -> http://gmgames.org/eastside-hockey-manager-ehm-version-1/review/

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Couldn't be happier for Riz and the team that's kept EHM alive!

Recalling the days of the freeware EHM and eastside.peliplannetta.net. The SI EHM releases corresponded with my first years at university. A lot of time spent building the Flyers into champions, instead of my work. This is fantastic news.

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Holy crap! Another Torontonian! Didn't think I would see anyone from these parts around here.

Holy crap, two other Torontonians! :D

It's really great to see some reviews of the new EHM already. Even Eurogamer has an article on it. :)

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