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When raising an issue on the forums we will nearly always need a save game to help us reproduce and fix the issue. We have our own FTP website to allow you to quickly upload saves and other files to us.

In order to do this successfully, we very much recommend using Filezilla to do this:

Download the Filezilla FTP Client from here (Filezilla is Free Opensource)

Filezilla FTP Instructions:

When you install it and open it up, at the top you'll see the following:




Enter the following:

Host: ftp.sigames.com

Username: ftp-public

Password: public

It should then open up, your computer on the left-hand side, our FTP on the right. On the right go to the game-save folder. On the left find your save game, then simply when you've found it drag it across to the appropriate folder. Then it'll start to upload. Be warned, depending on your upload speed this may take a while. Remember you cannot 'replace' a file on the FTP, so you'll have to rename the save as something different.

Uploading Screenshots

Screenshots should be added to the ftp server in the fm/screenshots folder. Save them as jpgs preferbly.

Save Games

Save Games should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-save folder

Especially with transfer and contract bugs we need a save before the transfer bid is made, or contract offer is made. Likewise for news issues, we'd need the save ideally just before the news item appears. Preferably you should run New File for Every Save, this means you always have a backup save in case of a power cut or corruption.

Uploading PKMs

Match engine PKMs should be added to the ftp server in the fm/game-pkm folder

Match engine bugs we need pkm files, click Save at the end of a match and can be found in My Documents\Sports interactive\Football Manager 2015\matches. Pkms don't need zipping.

Uploading Crash Dump Files

These can be found in the following location (My Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 2015 -> Crash dumps). It's normally a small file so just upload it and let us know the file name.

File naming conventions

Save/Zip/PKM name format: your-forum-name_bug-description

In your post include the name for the savegame when you've uploaded it.

Other Upload Method

If you have any issues using Filezilla, you can also use Windows Explorer (windows key + E on the keyboard) and enter ftp.sigames.com into the address bar at the top of the window.

To upload an attachment simply navigate to the correct folder and drag and drop the appropriate file in the folder.

After you upload the files they will disappear after you close the window. Please remember to name your file something which can easily be identified. If you try to upload a file with a name which is already on the FTP, you will get an 'Access Denied' message. File names cannot be duplicated on the FTP.

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