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Passing percentage is wrong

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Playing with a back 4 with a DM in front, my passing percentage in defence seems wrong. I haven't checked other percentages (att and mid), since these numbers are quite expected and logical, so I didn't have the need to compare them (although I can't say they are accurate after this). Someone could check it, though.

Juventus 109/168 64.8% (not 48%)


Palermo 155/187 82% (not 75%)


Sassuolo 97/136 71% (not 69%)


Napoli 122/158 77.2% (not 68%)


Cesena 176/211 = 83.4% (not 78%)


I have included passes from GK, DR, DC, DC, DL and their subs (A. Cole). I haven't included DM in the count, since I think he is a midfielder, but including DM would only bring the percentage up, not down. This is just plain wrong.

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Pretty sure the match stats relate to passes completed in the defensive third, rather than just by your defenders. It is ambiguous, but your post seems to confirm this.

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It is not the players themselves who's pass completetion counts, it is the passes within the final third by any player. I mean, consider the following examples. You have an attacking corner and the ball is cleared by the defense. It falls to a defender who is on the edge of the box, and he passes to another player around the penalty area. This is a pass by a defender, but it does not count to the defensive pass completetion (rather to the offensive one) because of where it was on the pitch.

The reverse is also true. You clear a ball from a corner and it falls to your striker just outside the box. He passes the ball forward towards the winger you left up the pitch. If he passed from inside your final third, it is a defensive pass.

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