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I know this sounds like a petty issue, but when in the tactics section I clicked something, haven't a clue what, by accident and now my players aren't in order, I.E it's not going GK,GK,DR,DR,DC etc etc, but ST,AMR,ML,GK,ST,DL. Like I say, I know this probably sounds like a petty thing but its bugging me ha. Does anyone know how to fix this?



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Click on position at the top and it will re-order your team according to positions.

Aye, I tried that but all it did was put the positions in order with the players underneath all mixed up.

Cheers anyway mate.

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I think I encountered something similar since I don't know when.

What I did was I clicked on "Tactics" and somehow it fixed itself.

The player orders for me are always out of place if it goes to the match day lineup so by clicking tactics it got back to how it was.

Not sure if you have the same order but that's how I fixed mine.

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