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Training conflicting PPMs

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Hey, I figure this goes in the training thread though it's in essence about maximizing a player's potential. But that's training, innit? :D

Anyway, what I'm wondering about is whether or not it's a good idea to train conflicting PPMs on a player. I have this great newgen with superb physicals, mentals as well as technical ability. Due to his great work rate and stamina I want him to cover as much of the pitch as possible. He is playing as a striker, so I can teach him both the "Come deep to get ball" and the "Penalty box player" PPMs. Technically this is what I want from him - to constantly work up and down the pitch, helping moves start from deep and finishing them off in the box. I feel like I want his strengt, balance and finishing in the box, but I also want his passing ability, pace, dribbling and vision when running from deep. So logically the combination of those two PPMs should make him contribute to attacking play all the time.

The question is - how would these two PPMs work in game? Would they just cancel each other out? Would he be torn between two options constantly? Or would he be able to use his great Decisions attribute to pick the better option of the two?

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