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Custom League Teams not signing players


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I've created a custom league using a heavily edited Sao Tome. During testing I have noticed that the teams in this nation never sign players from other clubs. Is there any obvious reason why this could have happened? In the editor I have set a couple of rivals to not sign players from each other but that surely can't be preventing the whole nation from signing players.

Some loan deals are happening but no free transfers or paid deals.

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I don't actually have any transfer window set. I have since created new competitions in other countries to test the problem.

I created an Algerian league structure with no transfer window. Their clubs sign players freely.

For my custom league plus Nigeria: no sides controlled by AI sign any players.

When playing as a team in my custom league and in Nigeria I can sign players though.

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In addition all clubs have a healthy starting bank balance and available transfer budget.

The transfer preferences are just the default settings.

I did try adding a transfer window but that had no effect on AI transfers.

Thanks for your help so far!

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