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21Maxwell Football Manager 2015


Hey everyone. Maxi/21Maxwell here.

This post is to let everyone know what I'm bringing to the Football Manager community in 2015 and hopefully its some content that everyone can enjoy.

First off I’m on YouTube at www.youtube.com/21maxwellgaming, Although it says gaming in the title, it’s mostly a Football Manager channel. I have an MLS Network save with a friend, where we take control if the newly formed clubs Orlando City and New York City FC and I also have a save where I have taken over Glasgow Rangers aiming to conquer Europe’s elite competition. Alongside these 2 saves I also have a Maxi recommends section where I will put the spotlight on a player and we’ll look at his development under the AI over a certain period of time. Orlando City videos go out on a Monday, Rangers on a Saturday and Wednesday and most Maxi recommends drop on a Friday.

I also stream on twitch under www.twitch.tv/21maxwell where I have the Hereford save going that I had documented on the Dafuge challenge thread on here. Now into the EPL and having had our first foray into the Champions League, what’s next for the boys? If this interests you then please give the channel a follow and enjoy the ride, this save will likely last to FM16. It's been a hellova ride so far with some memorable moments in the chat, such as when Michael Higdon fired us to promotion to League one.

I don’t claim to be the best FM nor am I some sort of tactical genius. My aim with streams and YouTube is to go on a big journey and to share that journey with everyone. I had an awesome one with Sheffield United last year and I aim to do the same this year.

Most of my teams rely on building up the business first. At Hereford, we spent very little money before getting to the championship then invested it all in facilities to both the senior squad and youth squads. We sign players in and sell on for profit and also stick to a very strict wage structure to ensure we always make profit.

At Rangers the plan was simple, with the great facilities at the club; we build a young team up full of up and coming British talent and some loans from major European clubs, making it the hub of young European talent.

So thanks if you get involved, if you follow on twitch or sub on YouTube. Let’s try together and make the FM Community prosper. We know what we’re talking about, we don’t just open packs like another football game.



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Hey Maxi welcome :)

I'm a follower of your channel already for the TEW stuff :D. I remember the Sheffield United save, was it you who had the in game son while playing as Blades?

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Hey Cleon.

I was gonna put a small mention up of that till I saw the rules and regulations lol.

Yup, I had Ryan Maxwell at Sheffield United. Aiming for the same again at Hereford eventually!

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