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Tweaking my tactics in big matches away from home

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So here is my current tactic that bagged me the premier league title in my first season and F.A Cup in the 2nd.


Although this has been quite successful for me, my squad seems to have some sort of inferiority complex against the rival teams away from home. In my previous season it was these games alone that cost my side a second title. We usually have no problem coming up against these teams at Goodison, apart from Chelsea who somehow always draw at our ground and absolutely trounce us at the bridge. I have a record against Mourinho's Chelsea so abysmal it probably rivals Arsene Wenger's. 8 games played, 0 wins 3 Draws 5 Losses.

So here is a match at Wembley vs Chelsea for the Community Shield, whilst I didn't consider this trophy important at all, the fact it was vs Chelsea made me desperate for the win but unfortunately we managed to lose yet again.

The Line-ups:


Match Stats:


So my questions are:

What should I change to be more defensively solid vs these types of teams whilst still having options in attack?

If I was to watch the match in full highlights what should I look out for in order to give me a better chance of turning the game around?

Is there anything specific I should look for?


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