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[FM15] Chase the Sun: From Far East to Far West

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Another year, another attempt at a journeyman career that spans many clubs and many years. I've enjoyed FM15 a lot this year and feel like I've sussed it, for the most part, so I think I have a good chance of remaining invested in this save. For a while now, I've wanted to try my hand at other continents than Europe. Thanks to some very dedicated and capable people, this has become possible with downloadable leagues.

The only aim for this save is to start my managerial career in the East with Asian teams, and then gradually make my Westwards across the world, going to the Middle East, Europe, and then the Americas and possibly back again. This is probably easier said than done, and I may not adhere to this strictly, but, one way or another, I will manage on every continent bar Africa.

Leagues Loaded


Australia - Hyuandai A-League

China - Chinese Super League

Japan (Downloaded) - J.League Division One, J.League Division Two

Saudi Arabia (Downloaded) - Saudi Professional League

South Korea - Hyundai Oilbank K-League Classic, Hyundai Oilback K-League Classic Challenge

U.A.E (Downloaded) - U.A.E Professional League


England - Premier Legaue, Championship, League, League Two

France - Ligue 1, Ligue 2

Germany - First Division, Second Division

Holland - Eredivisie, Jupiler League

Italy - Serie A, Serie B

Portugal - Premier League, Second League

Scotland - SPL, Scottish Championship

Spain - Liga BBVA, Liga adelante, Second Division B


Argentina - Premier Division

Brazil - First Division


Database: Small

There's no better place to start than the land of the rising sun, Japan...

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Let me introduce you to the poor scrub who'll be attempting to be a success in Japan...



I've taken the non-traditional approach of choosing the team I start off at, as opposed to starting unemployed. This is just to guarantee that I begin my career in Japan. To balance this out, I've chosen a club that's expected to finish near the bottom of Japan's second division: the Takamatsu based club Kamatamare Sanuki.


The media expect us to finish 20th in a 22 team league. Expectations are low, with the chairman, Minoru Kumano, requesting that we are competitive and give it our all and giving me a transfer budget of £82,000 plus a wage budget of £36,000 to accomplish that. He assures me that no matter what the media think, this random English guy they plucked off the street while he was holidaying has their full backing. They've given me a one-year contract, paying me £2,000 p/w.

Despite not being able to speak a lick of Japanese, I manage to successfully introduce myself to the players, who are looking forward to working with somebody new. The conversation then turns sour when I tell them that I think we can finish in a respectable position. Apparently, that's too ambitious! It seems we have different ideas as to what's "respectable"...

So our aim is to merely beat the drop. I can do that. I think.

A quick look at the league rules gives me a clearer idea of what I have to do. We'll be playing 42 games, and the team who finishes rock bottom will go down. The team in 21st will be in a play-off. Teams are sorted by points, then goal difference, then, then goals scored, then head-to-head and, after that, and this looks quite interesting, their disciplinary record. So, we need to finish 20th or above, and avoid having players sent-off, if possible.

As far as my backroom team goes, there are three other coaches, including my assistant and a goalkeeping coach. The latter, along with the other coach and my two physios, are classed as "other staff", of which I'm advised to only have three. There's not a lot of room to maneuver here. Else where, the youth set-up is surprisingly well-staffed, with a Head of Youth Development, an U18s manager, and two U18s coaches.

I have one scout - the Chief Scout - and I'm allowed two more, so one of the first things I'll be doing is hiring two more scouts.

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So having been introduced to the club and its staff, it's time I look at my players for the season. A good place to start would be to see how they stack up to the rest of the league.



For what we want to achieve, it seems like my keepers will be more than fine, with key attributes Reflexes, Handling, Aerial Ability, Command of Area and One On Ones being comfortably mid-table.



Again, this looks okay. It seems I have defenders who will be strong in the air and quick across the first few yards, but have the obvious weakness of not being able to mark whatsoever. That's going to be annoying.



This doesn't look so good. It appears my midfields can run around a lot and play an accurate pass, but can't do anything else that well. Teamwork and Technique look especially crap.



Better news up front. I have the slowest forwards in the division, but they're otherwise of a good standard. Could be vital towards keeping us up this season.

In total, I have 33 players, including reserves, and no real U18 players. Despite the fact I'm allowed to have 99 players, I'll likely be aiming for a first team squad of 23 players. A quick glance at the current squad tells me it's a bit top heavy, with five strikers who can't play anywhere other than centre forward, a lack of natural central midfielders and only one right back. I have roughly two months to assess the players, make some transfers and come up with a tactic for them before our season opener against Giravanz Kitakyushu.

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Hey JEichy. Nice thread. Starting in Japan and getting a job at Arsenal would be neat :-)

I am also trying to start a save in Japan, but even after I downloaded the database, I can't get the teams' names right. Can you enlighten me on what did you do to achieve this? Cheers and good luck!

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