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Width of the inbox panel?

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Hi guys.

Does anybody know if it's possible and how to edit the width of the left side panel showing all messages when on the inbox screen?


I would like to have more space for news items in the inbox (more width), and in order to get than, i need to shrink the width of the inbox left hand panel showing the news items.


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You need to edit the 'inbox panel.xml' file located in the panels folder.

Locate this line:

<layout class="arrange_horizontal_attachment" offset="0" layout="-5, -14" gap="8"/>

And adjust the bolded values, the first number is the width of the left side panel (one you want to edit) second number is for the right side panel (message content), negative numbers divide the panel by the ratio of the numbers, adjust to suit or you can make the first value a number to fix the width and the make the second number -1 - this will fix the inbox list width to a fixed value and cause the message content panel to fill up the rest of the space regardless of your resolution.

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