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[FM13] Training Advice

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I'm with Newcastle. I've just finished my 4th season. All coaches are 4 1/2 star or 5 star.

I leave all players under 17 in the u18's unless I think they will get games covering the first team.

All players over 18 are used in the first team and if not, loaned out if I don't think the games will be available.

I have all players on heavy training. I have them all set to doing a specific attribute (as advised by the assman) or the routine for their role.

Something tells me I need to be setting them to a specific attribute all of the time and checking back.

So here are my questions:

Should I set it to a specific attribute always (I heard it's best to have u18's do physical stats first)

Is what I've written above accurate and if not, in what way?

Am I using the training correctly or do you think I can improve it.

I don't have the amount of U18 coaches I used to but I do have a lot of coaches. Is this going to hurt the training of the U18's?

If I set a specific attribute to train how often should I come back to check on it?

Players are improving but I'm worried I'm doing something wrong

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