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The Extreme Journeyman

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The Extreme Journeyman

Welcome to my latest challenge, the extreme journeyman. All will be explained. Below. Scroll. Scroll Now.

Premiership (England)

La Liga (Spain)

Bundesliga (Germany)

Ligue 1 (France)

Serie A (Italy)

Primeira Liga (Portugal)

Eredivise (Netherlands)

Jupiler Pro League (Belgium)

Raiffeisen SL (Switzerland)

Russian League (America... lol jk Russia)

You must start at one of these 10 teams:

Burnley (Difficulty: 4/5 - Tough league, poor squad, poor budgets.)

Getafe CF (Difficulty: 2/5 - Not much strength in the league and a solid squad.)

SC Paderborn (Difficulty: 3/5 - Not a great squad, and not great budgets, not as tough as Burnley, becuase the league is weaker.)

RC Lens (Difficulty: 5/5 - Out of depth almost in the league, Amazing youth facilities will help!)

Empoli (Difficulty: 3/5 - Serie A. Just Serie A. Tough league, tough team.)

Sp. Charleroi (Difficulty 2/5 - Solid league, good mid table battle with lots of similar teams!)

Penafiel (Difficulty 5/5 - Not the strongest league but the team is poor and the budgets non-existent!)

Excelsior (Difficulty: 2/5 - Fun strong relegation scrap! Various teams similar in the Dutch division!)

FC Vaduz (Difficulty: 3/5 - Lichestienien team in the Swiss league, could be a fun challenge!)

Arsenal Tula (Difficulty: 4/5 - Strict league rules, poor squad and poor budget. Makings of a right scrap!)

The worst team, in the respective division. You may spend no more than 7 seasons at the first club, and from then on, you must move clubs every 3 years, or when you complete that country. To complete that country, you have to win the league and a cup with that club.

To fully complete the challenge, you will have at least 10 Domestic League Titles, 10 Domestic Cups and 5 Champions Leagues. The idea is to journeyman around, not really settling at a club and doing amazingly well in limited times. It reflects how management is now, always chopping and changing!

If your computer cannot cope with loading in all 10 leagues, feel free to chop and change. However, no more leagues should be added playable other than the top 10 nations' leagues. Any database you like, but, if you cheat, you only cheat yourself.

I Personally, I will be doing this as a Fifa and FM Challenge, at the same time, starting as FC Vaduz :)

Reputation must start as Sunday League Footballer, with No Coaching Badges on FM.

For Fifa, World Class difficulty and Leinient board. Enjoy the challenge! :)

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