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Teams qualifying for Europe during wrong season

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Hi, I've been messing around with a database that moves all of the Scandinavian teams into the same pyramid, while retaining their own continental qualifying places. So, the top 4 teams from Norway will qualifying for Europe, top for from Sweden, Denmark, so on, based on how they finish in the league tables. It is working, somewhat. It is based in Denmark and teams from Denmark are qualifying correctly. Teams from Norway and Sweden are qualifying as well, but they arent qualifying during the correct season. Meaning the top 4 Norwegian teams for 2014-2015 arent qualifying for Europe during 2015-2016, but rather during 2016-2017, and so on. Same thing for Sweden. I havent looked at the other countries involved yet to see if the problem is there for them as well. Any idea why this is happening? I can only assume it has something to do with how their traditional league calendars went, but I'm not sure what I can do to fix it.

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in the league fate "set continental teams" there's an option to tick for "this season"

where is this option? i didnt see it under national rules or advanced rules.

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