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trialist teams problem

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Hi, some of my players have become stuck in the trialist teams when they are still contracted to the club all i can do sell them and get them to play reserve games but can't get them to the first team.I don't know why or how this has happened. Even if I offer them a new contract they don't appear in the first team

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is this your youth intake team (ie XYZ trialists) or the preseason games (England Trialists 1) that you're talking about?

if youth intake:

they may have to sign a full-time deal in order to play for the first team (the default contract is a youth [or part time] deal, which may be the issue)

handy hint: don't bother offering a part time youth deal, just offer a full-time one with 80 per week (if you go down the youth deal and then offer pro terms, they may request 10k per week or more to go fulltime)

if trialists:

pretty sure they're locked to that team for around a week (just so you cna look at who played) before you can offer them a deal

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