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Whenever i use AMC, i feel like my tactics is more bad?

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Ever got that feeling?

Ive yet to have a good tactic that can include a nice AMC - its just. Feels like its missing some very important defensive parts.

Im playing with Tottenham, so i allready got Christian Eriksen - but i can buy Mesut Ozil, since he is unhappy at his club. Im just too afraid, since i dont have the best experiences with AMC's.

What do you think ?

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I think you need to supply some more details of the setup you are playing and what formation/instructions you have used when not getting good use from a AMC.

As a base, try a 4411 and think carefully about the roles and duty of the forward and AMC, and also the wide men. Also need lots of thought into the style of play to get the best out of someone like Eriksen who is a top class player.

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These players are usually associated with poor defensive abilities so in short you have to take defensive measures elsewhere. Eg. when playing 4-3-1-2 I would recommend to have 2 ball-winning midfielders (to close down the flanks and cover for the AMC). Forwards shall do some defensive work as well so the AMC can concentrate on roaming and playmaking.

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Mixed results for me. Think it goes without saying but better teams can use an AMC. In my Man Utd save I wouldn't of dreamt about losing the AMC, but I tried all ways in my QPR save and I felt my team was far better with players getting forward from MC and a DMC - instead of a AMC - letting them do their thing.

Just started a Spurs save and think with the first 11 you've got to go 4-2-3-1wide to have everyone at their best but despite the shape being right I don't have faith in it, it's working well in preseason but I've also made sure my team are ready to play 4-1dm-2-2-1 just in case.

As kind of said above, I think this years game(maybe last years too?) has made AMC's a lot more one dimensional no matter what role you have them playing, yet MC & DMC have become far more well rounded meaning you can easily have a player breaking from MC but he'll also work a bit more defensively even if he's set as an AP(a)

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