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Possible issue with player promises

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I am currently playing as A.C Milan and nearing the end of the second season. i have just failed to qualify for the champions league. In the summer I had a some bids for my players from clubs in the Champions league. I spoke to my players and asked for them to stay another year. They all agreed and stayed. Now that I have failed to fulfil my promise, they have all become unhappy and it has spread to my squad.

In my news item, it talks as though I have just rejected a bid for them from the big team. It says that the player is angry that I have rejected a bid for them and wants to leave. There are currently no teams interested in them as its the start of May. I have no qualms about selling them in the transfer window, a promise is a promise after all but it seems strange that the game thinks I have just rejected a bid.

This has decimated my squads moral, 2 days before the Europa League semi final. Is it just a case of the messages being worded poorly?

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