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Need more fans

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'Ello all,

I've just had a cracking season and a dreadful start to a new one. I played through with Whitley Bay in the 9th tier of English football and won everything. I couldn't win the F.A Cup as it wasn't in this database but if it were I'd have had a good go!

I normally use my own tactic but this time I went with the 'Mr Langvatn 2-5-3 Angels V2.tac'

It's an exceptional tactic that has worked very well but I have a problem. Down at this level the clubs don't have many fans. I need more fans to turn up and the only way I've found of doing that is by playing attractive football.

According to the confidence screen we don't play attractive football which is insane as we wrecked all the records last season and scored a ton of goals.

Is anyone here good enough to take the above tactic and make it work as an 'attractive' tactic. I could make changes but I imagine the creator took a lot of time to get it working.

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Ask in the thread that you took the tactic from, no need to create another thread.

Also attractive football comes down to a mix of possession and good quality chances created, you need to tweak those. But if your winning and breaking records why care? The fans will come as you climb up the leagues.

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