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Couldn't find any information about this besides some old thread regarding FM11 so I figured I better ask myself.

I've been playing for 8 seasons now, constantly winning titles and earning good money, I have no loans and about £180 mil on the bank. The problem is we have stagnated as we can do nothing towards our low seating capacity because we do not own the stadium. We constantly fill the stadium to full capacity even in lower rep games.

So naturally I keep bugging the board and asking them to buy our stadium so we can increase capacity and for 5 consecutive seasons (with excellent financial results) they keep telling me that they would love to but currently can't afford it. I guess a stadium is serious money, but for £180 mil on the bank we should be able to buy a stadium with 20K seats.

Am I missing something here? How much money do you usually need to have?

(Did a quick test, used one of my saves and edited in £999 mil in the bank, still same answer from the board)

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Maybe the board just doesn't want to move.

Do you move if you buy the stadium?

And besides, they tell me they would love to buy the stadium but they just can't find the funding for it.

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