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The game hates me completely

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I give up, I have never felt this frustrated about FM before in all my life. I have played FM since 2007, and I was always decent enough to understand the concept. However, this time I feel helpless, nothing works.

I play FC Groningen, a top 8-like team in the Eredivisie, projection was a decent spot in the first 9 teams. It went ok the first few matches. I started out playing a more or less possession like game 4-2-3-1, it worked ok the first few matches, winning 2, 4 a draw. That started to worry me a bit, all the 4 draws were 2-2.

It worried me a lot that I always came in front in most matches, and in the end the game just says: "oh you're in front? how about no, we give you some nice goals against, here, in your face". It has utterly and totally frustrated me that I just want to quit the club and never ever play again. Now, the situation is hopeless. Instead of frustratingly drawing a lot of unneccesarily games, I keep losing against poor teams in the competition, getting my ass handed to me. Not just that, there was 1 month where quite a few players got injured. I tried different tactics, 4-4-2, 4-3-2-1, more direct passing, more pressure, more defensive, nothing worked.

It is painful to watch, it seems like my team doesn't know how to defend anymore, giving out easy possession, silly passes landing to the other team scoring a goal.

The worst has come to pass, I lost 5-0 to Go Ahead Eagles, all the goals were dead giveaways (which is double odd, since the first half I was the better side, but the 2nd half they totally dominated me). Even the board was stunned, and told me to give a last chance or they would fire me. I'm sitting just outside degradation zone and I guess I might just as well give up.

The final straw, I officially do not know anymore what to do. It's not even like I have a bad team, it's the team they start with the normal database + only 1 player I got for free (Eiður Guðjohnsen).

Now I usually can handle defeats, even multiple.. But not like this, this is silly and stupid. When I lost 5-0, I had a big urge just to throw the PC out the window.

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If you want help then follow this;


Then someone can offer you advice and help you get back to winning ways.

Feel free to repost when you can be constructive and offer the information highlighted in the above thread. As you aren't asking for anything in his post then I'm closing it under the rule;

Threads that are just a moan about the game will also be closed, unless it’s done in a constructive manner. I.e. provide examples, stats, and screenshots.

taken from http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/327822-Asking-For-Help-PLEASE-READ-THIS

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