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Missing Season Ticket Sales

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Hi, i will try to keep this brief and any help is appreciated in advance.

I will start at the begining.I decided to put SC Farense back into the portuguese 2nd division and read how to do this on here.

That allwent fine. I then decided to put them in the stadium do algarve which is there new home, as the stadium the game says they play in no longer exists!

That was my first mistake as i decided they would move in to this stadium in the 2nd season.

When starting the game the game said i was in the new stadium at the start.

I got the season ticket sales as per usual so that was okay.

Then 3 games into the 2nd season the board annouced i would move back to the original stadium.So i think i must have put got the move in dates mixed up?

However i still got the season ticket money.

Then stated my 3rd season at the original stadium and noticed that no season tickets have been sold at all?

So my question after that long winded explaination is how come/or what have i done to affect the sale of season tickets in the original stadium?

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