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The only unrealistic gripe for me....

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The amount of managers expressing interest in jobs which have just become available. IRL you seldom see managers disrespecting their current clubs and touting their services for vacant jobs, yet in FM this happens nearly every week when various jobs across the leagues become available.

I agree this may happen from time to time but not to the extent the game is representing.

Can you name me one example IRL this season where a current club manager has come out in the media and 100% categorically expressed an interest in moving clubs?

They don't do it, out of respect for the current club, owners and fans.

Please just tweak it slightly for future patch.

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I've noticed it as well and It does seem excessive

Maybe they should give managers the option of expressing interest Privately through their agents

They could balance it like this

If you speak publicly you are more likely to receive an offer while if you express interest discreetly you are less likely to offend your club?

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Also when we apply for a job our current board and the media somehow get word of it straight away. I would imagine irl very rarely would such information be leaked, especially if the manager in question currently has a job.

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