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Scouts Mentality and Style ?

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Scouts Mentality and Style

Like every staff member, scouts have preferred playing Mentalities, Pressing, Playing, Coaching and Marking Styles, and a preferred formation. Do these affect the type of player they might recommend or their match reports? For example, I found an incredible scout for my team...I'm non-league in England and have a scout ready to sign with JPA 17 and JPP 16, Determination 16 and Tactical Knowledge 11 (compared to 4, 5, 2 and 2 for my current man). His mentality however is very cautious and his passing style Direct, which doesn't work with my preferred quick, short passing attack. Will he find players that suit my style or his preferred options? Thanks

found this on fmscout forums

there was no reply.

I like to know this to ?

many thanks

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In my opinion and I'm sure the "yes SI" men will disagree I find all staff to be generic (basically the same). Try it for yourself with the editor. Start a game for about 3 months. Then edit a staff member and compare the differences.

The Assistant manger is by far the worst and still absolutely useless. He is supposed to HELP you on everything but does virtually nothing especially when deciding which tactics to employ.

But hey. Make your own mind up. I have no problem with people disagreeing with me. :D

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