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FR and FL positions now removed, why?

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Why are the FR (Forward Right) and FL (Forward Left) positions been removed from the Tactics Positions?

I used to use them when playing with 3 attackers, FR, ST and FL.

When I had players in those positions, we also had the option to ask them to Sit Narrower and Stay Wider, why have them been removed.

You don't get that option when when playing with STR, STC and STL.

I preferred this over AMR, ST and AML.


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AMR with an attacking mentality is essentially a FR.

No player has FR/FL ratings in the db so it was removed. Thanks.

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I dont agree that AMR and FR are the same.

When playing 343, the MR (Wide Midfielder) and the AMR (Winger/Inside Forward) is just to close to each other

Both Bielsa and Sampaoli use more of a Wide Forward Role, then a Wide Attacking Midfielder (Winger).

I really would like those positions back, please, it does not matter no player had FR/FL rating.

The option to put players in those positions, and option to tell them to sit narrower, stay wider did no harm.

It only gave us more tactical options.

Both Sanchez and Vargas/Mark Gonzalez plays in those positions when playing for the chilean national team under Bielsa and Sampaoli.

Its like hybrid Winger/Striker position.

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