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The AI has worked out the weaknesses of your tactic so you need to find out how they are exploiting it and try and stop them from doing that. It always happen if you don't tweak or change tactics and I mean by change is changing roles and instructions etc to match up with who you are playing etc

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I have had a massive downturn in form since the last update (since release)

Prior to beta I was second, last two games since release, I have lost 7-1 & 5-1

As we all know, the current ME means that crossing and corners are overpowered. Does your current set up make you vulnerable to these bugs - too many attack Duties out wide? What formation do you use?

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I actually didn't know about the overpowered issues

I am playing a high 4-2-4 (AML & AMR), which would effectively leave me prone to attacks from the flanks I would presume??

It could well be a factor. What sort of Duties do your players on each flank have?

There's a thread which discussed the Hell out of defensive contribution of AML/R vs. ML/R players, and the fact is that in FM, ML/R defend better as they track back. Depending on the Roles you used at AML/R, I'd suggest you'll be better off straight away if you drop those guys back.

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