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Download the FM15 Demo

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It’s 'D' Day here at Sports Interactive – that's right, the FM15 Demo is now available to download on Steam.

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who has been playing the FM15 Beta so far and has given us feedback on our social channels and forum to help us make the game even better for full release on 7th November.

For those who haven’t played the Beta, you can now download the Demo from Steam and, as always, you’ll get 6 in-game months to get your feet wet with FM15 – and your saves will carry over into the full game when you’re ready to upgrade.

As always, you will need to have downloaded Steam and created an account. Once you've launched and logged into Steam, follow these instructions:

1. In the search bar, search Football Manager 2015 Demo

2. On the right hand side click the 'DOWNLOAD DEMO' button (you may need to scroll down to see this)

3. Follow the instructions to complete the download

The Demo lasts for 6 in-game months and, as with the Beta, you can carry on your save when you have the full game.

If you have any feedback please take the time to raise it in our feedback thread here – http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/400085

For any bugs or technical issues, please find the relevant sub-forum here - http://community.sigames.com/forumdisplay.php/417

You can still pre-order the game from any of the participating retailers and get access to Beta right up until full release on 7th November.

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Demo FAQ

1) How many leagues are available in the demo?

The Demo comes with two 'Quickstarts', with 57 more available on Steam Workshop.

England for Football Manager full simulation mode, and England, Italy Spain for Football Manager Classic.

2) How do I download a league for the demo?

Select "Leagues" from the Start Screen on the Football Manager 2015 Demo.

The Steam Overlay will now appear.

Select the League in the Workshop you wish to download and click "Subscribe" to download.

Press ALT+TAB on your keyboard to close the overlay and the demo league will download. When completed, just go to Football Manager or Football Manager Classic and select the league you want to play.

3) How long can I play the demo for?

Each demo save game allows for 6 months of gameplay.

4) Can I play my demo save on the full save game?


5) How can I transfer my demo save to use on the full game.

Go to Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 Demo > games

Copy the demo save game into Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > games.

When you load the full game you can continue your save as normal by going to Load Game.

6) Help! I have subscribed to a league and it is not appearing in game.

Go to the Start Screen in game.

Open the Steam Overlay with ALT+TAB.

Go to the League you have downloaded in the Workshop.

Click the subscribe button to unsubscribe.

Then when the button says [subscribe +] again, click this to begin downloading the demo.

7) Help! I have opened the Steam Overlay in game and I am not logged in.

In the Steam Overlay, click the Login button in the top right of the window and log in.

8) How can I download all of the additional quickstarts?

When going to the Steam Workshop in-game, click the Collections tab.

In here you will be able to download the Complete Demo Collection, and download the additional set of leagues.

Be aware that the collection is a combined 1.2Gb, so may take time to download depending on your connection.

9) Help! I have a Steam Workshop dialog appearing non-stop on the Start Screen.

This is because Steam Workshop is downloading league files individually and the dialog appears for each individual download. Please wait while this completes.

10) Help! I have subscribed to files outside the game and they are not downloading?

If you subscribe to Steam Workshop files outside of the game they should download automatically. However, the game needs to be run in order to finish the installation of the download.

If no downloads at all appear then go to the Steam Workshop in-game and unsubscribe to the items you subscribed to. Use the Steam Overlay in game to subscribe to files on the start screen, and they will download.

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