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Tactics gone wrong all of a sudden

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Basically the first 2 seasons I absolutely dominated everybody, scoring on average 3 goals a game. But now I struggle to score at all and I am conceding a fair few, but I haven't changed anything. Basically I'm asking for help to get my tactic back to how it was.

Currently playing a 4-2-3-1:

GK: GK - defend - distribute quickly

RB: CWB - attack - close down less, more direct passes

CB: CD - defend

CB: CD - defend

LB: CWB - attack - close down less, more direct passing

CM: DLP - support - dribble more, close down more, direct passing, cross less

CM: BWM -defend - shoot less often, direct passing

LW/LM: IF - support - roam from position, pass shorter, hold up ball

CAM: AM - attack - roam from position, more risky passes, move into channels, hold up ball

RM/RW: R - attack - dribble more, close down more, more risky passes

ST: AF - attack - close down more

Structure: Fluid

Mentality: Control


Shorter passing

Pass into space

Play out of defence

Whipped crosses

Run at defence

Exploit the flanks

Play wider

Roam from position

Close down more

Prevent short GK distribution

Higher tempo

Be more expressive

So from this what am I doing wrong so that I can't create chances or defend?

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I see that you start your games with Control, is this every game or depending on the opposition? You have a very attacking squad, it can just be that the AI got used to your tactic and know how to counter it by now, which means they stay back and don't give you any space to use when you want to attack. Try to watch your games on comprehensive or even full , maybe the opposition is just crowded near their own area , try dropping deeper in some games if you see this, even changing to counter can help.

Also, how do you concede your goals? I figure most are from counters, because you have a lot of players going forward and very few left to defend with. Try moving your AML/AMR to ML/MR position, or at least one of them and see how that works. Plus, you use CWB which are very attacking, maybe try using WB(A) in games against tougher opposition or even on Support.

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I would lose the PI's and start again with them based on what you are seeing, id drop the mentality to standard as im guessing you are running straight in to a brick wall on control and you are probably having lots of shots on goal but a really low percentage are on target?

Also possibly be better to change your RB to a supporting full back to compliment your attacking winger and IMO change that BWM - D to a CM - D, as it is you have two attacking full backs tearing forward and your BWM running about like a tit in a trance you will be leaving massive spaces for your OPP to counter you to death!

And go back to basics with your TI's maybe something like 3-5 max to begin with? For example i am assuming your normally the favourite in most of your games so a base set of TI's could be: Retain Possession, Pass into space, Play out of defence, Run at defence (depending on just how defensive your opp is) and possibly experiment with Be more expressive.

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