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Tactic Gurus, I come to you in search of some advice.

I'm playing in the championship with Ipswich and have been working on a fast paced, wing-play based 4-4-2. I've not had much success.

I've got a solid defence, two good old fashioned CBs who are both on CB(D)

Two fullbacks with pretty good attacking stats FB(S)

In midfield I have two CMs on CM(D) and CM(S) and two wingers at LM and RM, both on W(A)

Up top I have a big, strong Target Man, TM(A) who I want to win the crosses that come in regularly from the wingers and a DLF(s) who I want to connect play that hasn't come from crosses.

I've read and re-read the stickies and still haven't quite come to grips with philosophies and the like but I'm issuing Attacking and fluid at the moment. Attacking because I assume the style I'm after is quite attacking and fluid because I havnt got too many specialist roles.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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