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How important are team instructions?

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This is probably a silly question, but how important is it to use the Team instructions feature?

I'm playing with Leeds and struggling (23rd after 8 games)... Whatever options I choose don't seem to have a great deal of effect on my team's performance. Is this just because the players are pretty useless?!

Also, does everyone use individual instructions AND team instructions? Or are these likely to contradict?

I have avoided using both as I'm a bit wary of not knitting it all together - for instance, if i set a winger to run at players and cross to far post, i presume i need to telling my striker to make far post runs etc?

Any advice on getting the best out of the instructions sections (or any online guides) would be appreciated! Trying to get the best out of my average Leeds team!



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Currently I am playing in the 3rd (or is it 4th) league in Portugal and I start every game with no team instructions, no player instructions and no opponent instructions. I usually watch the first 15 minutes or so of a game and see if I need to adjust things. My first adjustments are usually roles and duties.

I will add team instructions if I think it will benefit me, but often times I don't have any. I am willing to admit that I am probably different than most. I would say most people use team instructions.

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I generally have about 3 TIs selected at the start of a match, which identifies how I'm trying to play. Then I'll probably have 5, maybe 6 at the end of the match as I've tried to exploit something I've seen during the match.

As for PIs, I rarely do them. Out of my starting XI only 3 or 4 will have PIs; which even then they are only given 2 or 3 instructions. :thup:

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Ya, central defenders with pass it shorter and goalkeepers with distribute to defenders are usually the most common PIs. Other PIs almost always differ for everyone as it all depends on how you want your team to play or make up for player deficiencies and strengths.

EDIT - I wanted to clear this up; I am not saying PIs and TIs are not important, they can be absolutely critical to your tactics and formation. I am just trying to use as few as possible with my current team. I have had teams where I had 5 to 10 TIs to start a game because it was necessary to the way they played.

It's all up to you, but this team I want to try and keep it simple and learn the match engine so that is why I am doing it.

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