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'The save game could not be loaded' - FM14

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I'd sought help on this a couple months ago, unfortunately I didn't manage to get a proper resolution.

Anyway yes, it's this problem, nearly 20 seasons in and the titular message appears.

I didn't get an rolling auto-save going, and no thanks to Windows 8's requirement of an external hard drive to keep histories of my files I've had no chance to restore a previous version as well.

It's not likely that this will end up well (or that I'll get a reply at all) but it's a try anyway.

I've uploaded it to the ftp server under the file name BabaDuda_Save-game-cant-load.fm


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I have had a look at your post history and don't see this issue raised before.

This error message will normally occur if there has been any kind of power issue when a save is running or being saved. Usually, unfortunately, the save will have been corrupted and cannot be fixed. If you do not have a backup available, there is little that can be done. I always suggest that you use the rolling 3 game autosave function and set it to weekly and you will always have a coupe of recent saves to go back to.

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