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Missing Text in FM14

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I have been playing FM14 on my desktop for months with no issues. I just loaded it onto my laptop (which I've used for previous versions without any problem) and have discovered a strange graphics issue. Some of the information doesn't display. The first time I noticed this was when I went to change the currency to US$. The currency option shows up as empty:


And the entire drop down menu is empty:


It works to select different currency options, and the changes are reflected within the game. I just can't see which one I am selecting.

I am using the default FM Dark skin in the posted images, but the same issue is present with the default light skin.

The laptop is a few years old but I've been using it with FM for multiple versions without issue. As you can see below, the same issue isn't present with FM13 on my laptop:


There are several other areas within the game itself where there is "missing" text (player's status, the date, etc.):


I have tried switching between GPU and Software rendering but that hasn't solved the issue.

Any thoughts on the cause / solution for this?


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I have. They are similar to what I installed with FM13 and identical to those that run without a problem on my desktop version of FM14.

I will uninstall those and see if it resolves the issue. If it does, I will start adding them back one by one.


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