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Luka from Zagreb

FM14: Angelo Henriquez

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so i have him at dinamo zagreb. Doing good, but he misses a lot of good chances. On the other hand i have Ademilson who has much lower stats, but he's scoring like a mad man.

He has:

moves into channels

beat offside trap

one twos

places shots

first time shots

I think i made a mistake with places shots. Ademilson doesnt have that, but scoring everything.. what do you guys think?

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He's at ManUtd on my 2018 save, so he must be pretty decent (okay, they regular finish 5-7th and have a good cup run, but still)

they play him alongside Chicarito, and he's in the Mexico squad

on my (started in) 14.2 save, so might have changed in the Jan update

honestly think that "first time" and "places" shots are 2 contradictory things,

places means "aiming for the corners" and hitting first time means that he's not really got the ball under control for it, which is why there are mixed results

considering his other PPMs are "poacher" inclined (tries to get 1on1 by beating the offside trap) then it's probably a good idea to take off "hit first time", just so he's settled and can pick his spot

or that's how I see it anyway

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