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What Skin for Macbook Air 11" - That would make text bigger?

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Hi All

I have recently purchased a MacBook Air 11", and would like to make the text within the game bigger, is there a skin anyone could recommend please or any advice.

Many thanks for any help

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There is an option in the preferences menu to increase the size of the text and images, this works best on the default skins but should still work on custom skins if the skinner has made them with the zoom mode in mind.

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Thanks, but I am currently zoomed to the maximum 100% but would like a skin where that is increased, if there are any?

Many thanks

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125% should be the max. in game zoom, though it depends on your screen resolution, however you can manually adjust the zoom levels (to certain preset levels), first follow these instructions to get to the hidden folders:


*Please note that on Mac OS X Lion the Macintosh HD is hidden: Open a Finder window then at the top click on 'Go' then 'Go to folder' which should be second from bottom. Hold down your 'Alt' key whilst 'Go' is selected and 'Library' will appear and you can now follow the steps below.

- Go to Finder

- Go to Macintosh HD

- Go to Users

- Go to your home (Shape of a house) folder

- Go to Library

- Go to Application Support

- Go to Sports Interactive

- Go to Football Manager 2014,

Then goto Preferences\version 103

In that folder locate the xml file called 'ui_zoom_level.xml' with a text editor in the file will be a line like this:

<integer id="valu" value="1"/>

And then change the 1 value, where 1= 100% zoom, 2= 125% and 5= 200%

So if you want a 125% zoom change the line to read:

<integer id="valu" value="2"/>

Save the file and load the game and you should now be zoomed in.

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