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I Can't Win One Match

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I've read forums advising people in a similar situation to stick with the formation and eventually the players will get it. I'm managing Leicester City, kept the same formation since I started the season, not rotated too much but 12 games into the league season I've lost 8 games and drawn 4. Lost against a for more inferior side in the league cup, no matter how hard I try morale stays low and I'm starting to regret buying this game. It's not even the tiniest bit enjoyable, it's becoming a chore.

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You could try downloading a tactic that someone else has worked on, but make sure that it's a tactic that suits your squad, ie. if one of your strongest players is a DM, then make sure you use a tactic that uses a DM, or if you have good wingers try to use one that has them.

Try some from here.


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I wouldn't recommend downloading a tactic as there is so much more to FM.

To start with you have to have realistic expectations, you are managing Leicester City, first time in the Premiership in what, ten years. The media probably include you in the relegation dogfight so you should expect to lose a lot of matches.

Other teams will come to attack you and expect to win so you need to take that into account when creating your tactic as well as the strengths & weaknesses of your squad.

Post up a pic of your tactics and you'll get some advice but basically it comes down to:

A) Picking a sensible tactic/style of play.

B) Adjusting to what is happening on the pitch.

C) Doing what you can with team talks/media to keep morale up in your squad.

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