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Why I cant seem to get the right reaction on team talks and when im bringing a player on?

Substitutes everything I say to them manager lacked faith but theres one if you say go out there and do your own thing player reacts deep in thought is that good?

Team talks start of the match I don't know what I'm supposed to say right now this min I have just done a team talk before start of match.

We have just lost our last match to united in the community shield 2-0 and the assistant says tell the team they must improve.

Right so I tell my team I expect us to win!

This is the players reaction!

Listened keenly

Seemed deep in thought

Nothing specific noted

On previous saves I struggled with team talks!

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What's the problem with their reactions in the game where you told them you expected a win? Seems quite normal to me.

Use the Team Talk Feedback screen if you're unsure about why a player reacted the way he did. Go to your team-->Reports-->Last Match-->Team Talk Feedback

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So what if it wasn't green? Green isn't always good and red isn't always bad. Green just means their morale has increased, I think, with red being the opposite.

Listened keenly - how is that not good?

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Team talks are a great part of the game and one I for one enjoy immensely.

It is true that players coming on as a substitute do present me with the toughest challenge though. That is the one area (subs) I haven't yet gotten a handle of. It seems that its often best not to tell them anything.

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I have trouble with substitutes too. If it's a youth player I'm giving "development minutes" to, I usually calmly tell him "no pressure", and get a positive reaction. Haven't really figured out the other players though, so I usually don't say anything.

In general, I've had my best luck with team talks by really trying to put myself in the situation and consider the context. Once I lost a match I should have won after leading at the half, and my assistant wanted me to really come down on the team - ignoring the fact that I had three injuries and a BS red card in the second half and finished with 9. I instead used "unlucky lads", and got a brilliant green screen.

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