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Real players using Football Manager

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Well a lot of football players play video games so why not football manager? I'm sure even as a professional footballer or even as a coach you can enjoy the game in your spare time.

I also remember a fairly funny story from Ralf Rangnick who was at that time manager at Hoffenheim and on the cover of the "evil" version of FM and the developer had an interview with him about FM and he mentioned that his sons were playing the game and always coming to him saying "Hey dad do you know about player XY, he is really good in FM maybe you should scout him and bring him to Hoffenheim." He didn't say if he followed their advice though. :p

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Man, what do you do when it comes time to sell yourself? That's gotta be rough.

I remember Joey Barton saying he was getting fed up of himself complaining in the game :D

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