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Who is Chimney Corner? I don't know but I thought they did sound like a good challenge on Football Manager.

They start in the Belfast Telegraph C2 - the third best league in Northern Ireland. And I like a challenge why I found Chimney Corner who were predicted a bottom finish in the league.

My main goal is to get Chimney Corner as far as possible in Europe.

I have just finished my third season with Chimney Corner and I am very satisfied with my results.

SEASON 2013/14

The league - We finished 11th in a season where I got to learn about the players and the league. I was satisfied with not getting relegated.

The cups - Loads of cup competitions in Northern Ireland but nothing to write about this season.

SEASON 2014/15

The league - It did not look like we getting the promotion with six games to go. But with five wins out of six we crawled up the table and booked a ticket to the Belfast Telegraph C1 thanks to a injury time equaliser from Moyola Park against PSNI in the last round.

The cups - We made it to the third round of the intermediate cup. But again, not a year to be proud of in terms of the cups.

SEASON 2015/16

The league - Another promotion! Though we only won one of our last seven games (!) we got the 1st place. Again I could thank a injury time goal against our rivals Loughall who were leading 2-0 which would had given them the 1st place. But their match ended 2-1 which ment our goal scorer was slighty better. Otherwise, we should have a played a playoff match against number 11 from the premier league.

The cups - We were very close to getting in the quarter final in the Irish Cup after a replay against Linfield in the sixth round. We were also doing fine in the league cup where we lost to Glenavon in the quarter final.


Colm Kelly - Many goals and assists for a left wing back.

Seam Heneghan - 16 assists was impressive for my midfield man.

Andrew Gaston - Probably my best player with 20 assists and 18 goals.

Darren Sterling - But Sterling was my top scorer with 21 goals.

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