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How to get the most out of this world-class center back?

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Posted this guy in what was probably the wrong thread and subforum for tactical advice, so making a new thread here hoping to get some ideas. I'm fairly new to football and most of my experience with it comes from Football Manager (blame what was until relatively recently limited American coverage of the game, and then my lacking a television) so while I'm quite good at FM -- my Fulham team certainly doesn't need any help results wise -- it's not like I can recall how a real player plays and think, "Oh, I can do something like that guy!" which inspires so many threads in this subforum. Hell, I've never even seen a real sweeper. So I turn to you all:

Here's the player:


PPM explanation: The newest, Runs With Ball Often, is the result of my watching games and seeing him routinely dribble forward into space, almost never being challenged before the halfway line, and due to his speed turning defense into attack like a blur.

Tactics I use: Attack, Control, Defend

I've normally been averse to allowing my CBs to be aggressive, even when I have a very mobile goalkeeper (which I don't). But in watching the games I notice that even when Hubert misses a tackle or is dispossessed as far forward as the halfway line, his agility/speed are such that he easily recovers well before the attack reaches the penalty area.

I'm currently training him to Get Forward Whenever Possible and playing him as a BPD, with his mentality depending on the formation and the strengths of his partner. The defense seems much more solid when he's the Cover or in a Defend pair. I'd been retraining him as a DM because, well, two of my formations use a DM? I'm not sure what my plan is there. He came with Accomplished ability at Left Back where he fills in sometimes (and where he plays for France).

So basically what I'm asking is: What else can I do? Should I do? Am I on the right track with this guy? Should I consider any other PPMs? Or an entirely different tactic (even though these seem to be working out juuuust fine?) I'd be happy to just keep going, as everything's going pretty well, but I'd hate to look back and feel like I missed an opportunity to do something creative I just didn't think of. Thanks!

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I don't need to tell tell you how complete he is! Considering his excellent pace, strength, anticipation, positioning and composure, I would play him as a BPD on Cover duty. But he also has good dribbling, creativity and technique so maybe a Libero if you want to use a back three?

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Do you even need 10 other players?

:lol: They just get in the way, really. Seriously though every time I think about putting down this save I think, "No, I owe it to Dimitri to see out his career!"

I'd use him higher up as an attacking destroyer of sorts at MC.

I've been thinking about that. I don't have any good replacements for Michael Bradley, and Hubert could do everything he does and much more... Hmm...

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I'm not sure his aggression would be high enough for a destroyer though, but considering how good he is he could probably play almost anywhere. I mean, other than flair his weakest attributes are corner taking and finishing which are both 11. Mind-boggling!

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Play him at DM.

I've sort of been doing that. Been playing against a lot of 4-4-2 (and 4-2-4) lately, so I've been rolling out with a 4-5-1 using Hubert at DM as a Half Back. I add Play Narrower and Look For Overlap -- to the Control tactic above -- with that combination and it's doing stuff like crushing FC Bayern 5-0.

In terms of the "impose your will" vs. "react to what the other team does" debate that goes on in everyone's head, using him as a one man reaction while the rest of the team imposes its will is starting to look very effective in practice so far.

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