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[FM13] So I wanna be an 'arry - Help me sell my players

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So here is the craic.

I've a team I'm quite happy with. They all perform pretty well. I've no real complaints. I'm at my wage max though. I think next season I'm going to have trouble keeping them as I simply won't be able to afford their wages.

I also have zero interest from other clubs though. I don't quite get it though. I'm a club that's achieved back-to-back promotions from the 9th tier to the BSN and you might think that might make some clubs ask questions like 'I bet they have some decent players, let's buy some' but they're not.

I think it's a combination of few things things. Lack of club reputation, lack of manager reputation and semi-pro contracts.

I need to sell my players. Sometimes I can talk to my player and say something like 'I need to put you on the transfer list because I won't be able to afford your wages'

This sometimes works but it also sometimes upsets the player which is bad because 1. I love all my players like they are my own children. 2. It lowers their morale and makes me feel like a ****.

TL : DR : How do I manage like 'Arry and wheel and deal without upsetting players?

It's not like they haven't played well. See below.


Edit #1 I should add I think the other problem is the semi pro - 2 year contracts. I don't think they help drive up the value of the player very well.

Edit #2 I noticed that Tom Bender (no laughing at back) had interest. He's valued at 20k so I offered him for 30. Nex day two clubs came in with 28k offers. I rejected them and I've just tried 40k over 48 months and a 50% sell on fee. Tell me if I'm doing this right, got any suggestions?

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