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Need help from experienced players to make my own tactic

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Hello, if you are experienced and you read this please leave some input even if you think what I ask is futile or lazy.

I want to make a 4 defenders 5 midfielders 1 lone striker tactic with one major characteristic:

Pressure at both halves of the ground, non stop, for 90 minutes till we retake possesion. Once we retain possesion I haven't figured out what I want to do with the ball however I am open for suggestions.

What I ask from you is what attributes should all my players have in regards to that major characteristic.

And how would you design the tactic, with that characteristic in mind.

If you can add something, it would make me start playing FM14 which I have bought however I haven't played it yet. I would love to watch such a physical aggressive tactic in game!

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FM doesn't really "do" pressing very well. You certainly won't get the sort of pressing we have seen in recent history from the likes of Dortmund, Barca or Atletico.

In sweeping statement terms, the best you can achieve will be some variant of your 4-5-1 which stations player high (i.e. the 4-1-2-2-1 with a DM, 2 MCs and AML/R).

The thinking is that the closer the players are initially to the AI defence when their keeper has the ball, the less distance they have to cover to engage the man with the ball.

To increase that impact, you can push your Defensive Line up, or you can use a more Attacking Mentality (though that layers in several other changes to your basic set up).

On top of that, you can use Team or Player Instructions. Hassle Opponents will get everyone on Maximum Closing Down, though this clearly can impact the integrity of your defensive shape. Alternatively, you can use PIs to ask players who aren't already Closing Down More to do so.

In terms of attributes, you need to look for players with a combination of high physical and mental stats. I'd look for Positioning, Anticipation, Decisions, Concentration, Work Rate, Acceleration, Marking, Tackling, Pace...... it's a never ending list to which you could add more and more!

In terms of what you want to do when you have the ball, then that really has to be down to you. If you use a 4-1-2-2-1, then it might naturally lead you to certain combinations of Roles and Duties that gravitate you towards a certain way of playing, but it's really your call.

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Not sure I'd agree with FM match engine not being able to press well. Jurgen Klopp's teams press you to death no matter which club he manages. What FM doesn't do well IMO is pressing well AND play slow paced possession football like Barcelona did with Pep.

I'd also think about playing a 2 striker system. What Wenger said about 4-4-2 covering the most space on the pitch resonates well here. Playing from the back in FM is usually done by distributing to the fullbacks, as opposed to centrebacks. 2 striker formations allow you to mark both fullbacks, therefore negating the distribution of 4 players, leaving you an advantage further back. Of course success will also be dependent on how your back 8 matches their front 6 in positioning.

I've switched to a 2 striker formation for the past 5 seasons and although I've never been impressive in possession or sheer aggression like a Jurgen Klopp's team, anecdotal evidence (via GA, chances against) suggests the possession I have conceded have been in non-critical areas).

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