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Maximum estimated value of club

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Has anyone else found a club having a maximum estimated value?

I'm playing with Arsenal in 2039, with an estimated value of AUS$3.11 billion. This has been the value for a few season now (Got a new stadium and profits went through the roof). The value appears stuck at that, regardless of transfer budget, wages etc

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To the OP; your transfer budget isn't taken into account. It's simply a budget.

Player values, facilities, cash in bank, etc are all included, iirc. So having that new stadium should have seen a sharp increase in your club value. Winning a top tournament can see an increase in value as the value of your players can increase (due to rep increase).

As for a limit, I'm not sure. Not on FM atm, but I'm in 2030 and have 4-6 clubs past the €2b mark. Seems Falcogooner has a larger value than you, when converted to Euros at today's rate (Can't remember what FMs fixed currency rates are though)

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