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Is there any way to sign a youth player from another team to a youth contract for your team? I'm seeing 15 year olds that are on an $8 or $15 pw contract (typical youth deal) that when I want to acquire them they want $1000 pw or more.

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The player has likely came through the youth system with the U12, etc, so generally wouldn't want to locate to a new place for the same amount. He's asking for that amount because him, and probably his parents, would need to relocate. Doubt they would even consider it for $300 pw. That's the way I always view it.

Note a player won't get that $1k pw, until he's of age to sign a professional contract. So for instance I approach a 15 year old player as a German club, then the $1k pw doesn't kick in until he's 17.

Finally, to avoid paying too much try including clauses. I often include 'Wages after 30 league appearances' for youth players. I know the majority won't ever make 30 league appearances at the club so I can keep their weekly wage down.

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