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fm14:- Anybody else get this??.....

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Whenever I start a game in Italy or England in FM14 by Christmas Man City are almost always mid-table and well off the pace and don't even get in Europe at the end of the season. They continue to be very inconsistent throughout with Pellegrini, playing this silly 4-2-2-2 formation. In Italy... Roma, well, they've been relegated in 2 seasons iv played. I know you get the odd surprise in real life with Milan and United finishing 7th but Roma and Man City, consistently in the games I play are rubbish considering the talent they have. Anybody else get this? Just kind of ruins it for me when you see Roma and all their talent in the relegation places and Man City in mid table.

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In my long term save City were really dominant until about 2035. They finished 1st or 2nd every season bar three or four until that point.

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I didn't have the English structure running in my game when I started but.....

2014. Man City 2nd.

2015. Man City 3rd.

2016. Man City 2nd.

2017. Man City 2nd.

2018. Man City 2nd.

2019. Man City 3rd.

2020. Man City 3rd.

2021. Man City 3rd.

2024. Man City 3rd.

2027. Man City Champions.

2028. Man City 2nd.

2030. Man City Champions.

2031. Man City Champions.

2032. Man City 3rd.

2033. Man City Champions.

I was plaing in Italy so obviously Serie A was loaded and Roma on the other hand....

2014 11th

2015 11th

2016 4th

2017 18th & relegated.

2018 8th

2019 2nd & promoted

2020 17th

2021 12th

2022 16th

2023 18th & relegated

2024 2nd & promoted

2025 19th & relegated

2026 1st and promoted

2027 17th

2028 16th

2029 6th

2030 13th

2031 6th

2032 14th

2033 14th

and they look like they might get relegated again this year.

If I was to hazard a guess, (and I have looked at this before), I would suggest that the board/chairman hidden attributes are such that they are just quite demanding and they keep sacking people. My save has only been running for 20 seasons and they have gone through 14 managers. That doesn't sound too bad until you think that they have been promoted 3 times, and 2 of those managers managed to avoid coming back down again the following season. It's only a hunch but I think that the board are the cause of the problems.

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Well at least I'm not alone here. Can't work it out tho, cos we all have the same stats at the start of the game at these two massive clubs but I have never ever seen either do well in the opening few seasons despite fantastic talent, yet others have seen City dominate. Bizarre. I'd rather see them dominate if I'm honest, cos at least it's realistic.

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