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Stumbled across a tactic, but thoughts welcome on how to make it better

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I am on my phone at work, so will try and pictures later.

I am playing as Liverpool and have messed up my game with silly signings to try and bolster my attacking options and have ended up with way too many forwards and forward thinking midfielders. To try and accommodate I stumbled across this when tinkering and it has worked so far in the first 5 games.

Counter and rigid.

Pass shorter

Pass into space

Work ball into box

Cross earlier

Low tempo

2 central defenders on defend

2 attacking wingbacks in the wing back position

A Regista

Ball winning Midfielder in the cm slot

Attacking midfielder support

Advanced Playmaker support in am role

Complete forward support

Target man attack

With the heat map the midfield is flooded and when attacking it creates loads of chances. The problem I am having is that the team concede on the break. So even though I am playing a counter attacking style, the formation and style is attacking and I have loads of possession. How can avoid the counter attacks, but not lose the attacking intent from my team?

The assists are being shared around, so obviously working, but need to try and defend a bit better.

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Im no tactic genious or even close to that. But in my opinion, its pretty obvious?

Wingbacks ?

Regista ? Which is a "an aggressive deep-lying playmaker" type of settings.

Not to mention your midfield aswell. You have a BWM, which can get drawn out of position easily because of his high pressing settings. Then you have attacking midfielder, and a AP/s.

Do you see where im getting at ?

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In addition to what SimseJensen77 said, what might also be making it difficult for you to defend is that you have a lot of attacking roles, combined with a rigid philosophy. This means that your players are going to stick to one job and, in this case, most of them will be attacking.

I would bring the BWM into the DM position alongside the Regista first and put him on (D) duty if he isn't already on that. See how that goes first. Give consideration to changing him to more of a holding role e.g. DM or Anchor.

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It's a very attacking formation. With wing-backs I would recommend using a half-back in the DM position. I'd also drop them back to the DR/L positions but keep them as CWBs. They still get well up the pitch to support attacks but it helps your defensive shape better.

Do you also have two AMCs? I'd drop one of them back to MC, changing it to a 4-1-2-1-2.

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Thanks for the info.

Like I said, I have a stupid amount of attacking options and not many defensive ones. To avoid upsetting the vast amount of talent I have I came up with this. I think dropping a player into the DM role will be helpful and may offer more cover when the wing backs go forward.

CWBs will be tried too.

I seem to be ok in the first 65-70 minutes of the game, but because I am attack attack attack, seem to concede late on and bee struggling to keep the lead. I will have tinker again and see what your chages do. Thanks.

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