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Consfused setting up winger instructions

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I'm a big fan of 442 using old school wingers to supply crosses to my strikers. However I'm a bit confused in setting up instructions for the attack and support duty of my wingers in the M L/R position.

I've a few doubts and hope to get a few advices from you guys.

1) From what I understand that the important attributes for an attack and support duty is similar, except the Cross from Byline is default activated in support duty. But it is explained that winger with support duty player will get pass his man and get an early cross. Isn't it more logical a support duty player default instruction should be from cross deep and attack duty player cross from the byline??

What if I instruct my winger support to cross from deep even though the default instruction 'Cross from Byline' is already activated, which crossing has more priority?

2) How does the 'Get Further Forward' instruction affect a winger? Does he suppose to position himself from a M L/R to AM L/R or make forward runs to find space?

From what it is explained that a player adopts an attacking mentality and make an impact in advance areas.

3) Is it logical for a winger attack to hold his position? The player instructions able to instruct winger attack to hold his position but I couldn't understand the limitations as the 2D s hows the winger still getting into boxes and finding space instead of staying wide. Has anyone tried using to hold the position of winger in a attack duty?

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2) it makes him rush further forward ( like in counters)

3) I guess 'hold' just makes the player not roam into other positions like AMC

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1 - probably a UI error - supports cross from mixed areas, attacks from byline.

2 - will try and get him positioned higher up the pitch (as for forward runs, i am not sure - i will let someone else confirm that)

3 - hold position will make him a lot more static, not ideal for a winger really.

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I use mine on attack with hugging the touchline. Depending on the opposition defense, I sometimes get them to swap positions, but generally I let them get on with it. My forward(s) is good on the deck so I get them to drill crosses. Suits my style of play.

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