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3D Match flags & banner ad-boards for national teams

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This mod replaces the default add boards with national flags, emblems, and banners for 60 national teams, and several international tournament finals (World Cup, European Championships, Copa America, Confederations Cup, Olympics).

A few examples:







Northern Ireland




World Cup Finals



  • Only the national team classed as playing at home will have their banners on show.
  • If an international friendly is played in a different country to the two participants, then the default SI boards will be on show (an example of this is when Mexico play friendlies in the USA against other nations).
  • In tournament finals (like the world cup) the tournament banners will appear on the ad-boards for all matches, except when the host nation is playing (instead the host nation banners will be shown intead).

Download Link:



After unpacking the rar/zip file, you’ll find two folders: “ads” with one xml file, and “pictures,” with a large folder within it called “ads”

1...Place the first ads folder (the one with the fm.xml file inside) into the “My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014” folder.

2a...If you are NOT using a custom skin place the “pictures” folder (with the large “ads” folder) into the following folder:

My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/Graphics

If you don’t have a Graphics folder already created, make one now. And if you already have a Pictures folder in your Graphics folder, simply place the large ads folder within it.

2b...If you ARE already using a custom skin then the pictures folder instead needs to go inside the graphics folder that's inside your skins folder i.e.

/Football Manager 2014/skins/YOUR SKIN/graphics

After this (like any Graphics addition), go to the Interface screen in the game’s Preferences screen: click the Clear Cache button, and make sure the “Reload Skin when confirming changes in Preferences” is clicked. Then click the Reload Skin button. In some cases (especially if you have just looked at a game in the match engine), you will also have to reboot the game entirely, so as to refresh the match-engine graphics and allow the game to access the just-installed xml file.


Thanks to SI forum member strangerthankindness for information on how to create these add-ons. His original SI forum post with a link to his club team version of this mod can be found here (along with further acknowledgements to those involved in first creating modified ad-boards): http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/385308-FM-14-Released-Custom-match-engine-supporters-flags-and-club-logos-for-individual-stadiums

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