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Possibility to do a research paper on how player salaries and costs are related to attributes

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My name is Jordi Guillen and I am a researcher in economics. I have recently done a research paper on how the shrimp price is affected by several attributes (i.e. quantity, day of the week, port of origin). You can find it in the following link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0308597X14000426

The thing is that using a similar methodology it could be possible to relate the salary of a football player and its cost to the role he playes, attributes he has (i.e. crossing, dribbling, etc.), but also club of origin, age, international appearances, etc.

This could help to answer questions like are teams in Spain paying higher salaries to their players, how much are forwards paid than defenders, or is Chelsea paying more than Arsenal for similar players, etc. I believe that these kind of questions could be of interested and easily reported in any sports newspaper, giving free advertisement to your product.

I would like to do this analysis based on the data you have on the football manager game. For this, I would ask you if you could grant me access to such a database (that I will not use for other purposes or distribute), maybe by sending as excel or txt format. I would do this analysis completely for free and I am not planning to obtain any compensation from this. I am only interested to have this published in a scientific journal, which I would take care of preparation and submission. You could make use of the results of this analysis and publish it afterwards in the media, as you wish. If interested, you could also include some co-authors in the research paper and do a final review before publishing it.

i would understand also that you may be interested to have this analysis done for the 2015 version. This is no problem for me, and i would wait until such data is available to do the analysis.

If you want to check my full track of publications, you can access to: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jordi_Guillen2 . If interested, I could also send you my full CV.

Thank you very much,

Jordi Guillen

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you'll likely want to email SI directly, as your request is likely out of the realm of anything that can be granted on the public forum.

"Dear Mr. Wonka

I would very much like to tour the Wonka factory and see how your chocolate is made...I promise to behave myself, and not attempt to swim

in your secret chocolate mixing river or sample the fizzy lifting drinks. I won't even tell Mr. Slugworth about the everlasting gobstoppers I might

see in the factory...

Your friend, Jordi"


Who knows, they MIGHT let you see the top-secret formula on how they determine player value and salaries, but you'll likely want to have a back-up plan for your research paper.

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Surely all the data you need comes with the game?

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Pretty sure you could get the data you want by just buying the game and doing a player search in a save game with no attribute masking. You can customize the view of the search any way you want and export it using the in-game "Print Screen" option to export to a HTML file which Excel will happily import.

Whether you are allowed to use that data in the way you want to use it though I have no idea.

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