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Hello all,

I could use some advice. I currently play at Debrecen in the Hungarian top division. De results are pretty good, my tactics seem to work great, but there is just 1 tactic I can not seem to hande: 3-4-3.

I tried 4-4-2 - diamond, 4-1-2-2-1, but with those tactics I can not seem to handle them. The last match was just terrible. After I made the 3-1 in de 46th minute, things went terrible. Lost 3-7...

So any general advice how to play them? My first thoughts: use AML and AMR and to cover their midfield, maybe some backs who play into midfield?

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This is the formation I've been having the most difficulty with too. I've had some, but not consistent, joy with a deep narrow counter attacking style. I've been using a 4222 BOX and it's been ok.

If you're the stronger team, have you considered matching their formation and seeing if better players will pull you through?

If anyone has had success, I'd love to hear it too though!

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